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All the products  by JMDOLL are High simulation toys,they can be used to photograph decorationetc, but it neither suitable for Naked show nor suitable for child. 
JMdolls are  sex dolls but itself   have no any Sexual health comfort function, they are belong to sexal doll but they are not Sexual Health Products. So Buyers assemble sexy toys or other behaviour is the buyer’s private  behavior, do not related to our company.
    The high simulation toys made by JMdoll are made of Non-toxic food grade imported .
platinum silicone materials( the best kind of silicone,also can be used as medical material ), 
they have been formulated in a scientific way so that can have the similar touch felling of human skin. The superficial of the dolls have no any smell or any oil leakage, the doll 's skin  are very similar to the human skin. The skeleton also like human, it can like as human's pose, it to adopt high quality stainless stell and Aluminum, marcel of the dolls
made of soft sponge . All the materials used have a stronger durability and make the doll more like human body. The pieces of the dolls have been tested by the authoritative department, and up to the standard of the FDA and the EU. It has enough safety to get in touch with the dolls.  
JMdoll  products  have a complex Production Process, there are more than 100 production process on the whole production. buyers or who interest are welcomed to visit some of the production process, we will inform making materias and also can give necessary intruction or support to DIY.