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David consulting 65CM Time:2023/11/13 14:51:38
consulting: What are the dimensions of its vagiba? Weight? Can it be made with loose joints?
  2023/11/20 17:47:46 Administrator Reply:
Simon Rose consulting Time:8/16/2023 12:23:57 PM
consulting: Hello, I am looking for a young European girl. Very petite? What do you recommend. Thanks
  8/19/2023 1:51:40 AM Administrator Reply:
Joe G. consulting Time:7/13/2023 11:45:58 AM
consulting: I bought a 80cm doll in 2019. White skin. Elf D head. The head is still in good condition. It is time to replace the body. Can I buy a 80cm body only?
  7/14/2023 9:19:23 PM Administrator Reply:
sure! I have email you1
Cooper consulting 80CM ELF Time:7/7/2023 8:51:48 PM
consulting: I’m interested in buying what’s the price?
  7/14/2023 9:15:50 PM Administrator Reply:
Bryan consulting 65CM Time:4/21/2023 11:43:27 PM
Elf in 65
consulting: I would like a 60xm doll that’s green skin elf, but innocent looking
Mark consulting 130cm Doll-Luna C Time:3/7/2023 11:05:39 AM
consulting: I would like to buy the Luna C head please
  3/7/2023 9:51:22 PM Administrator Reply:
respond with email
Mohio consulting Time:2/28/2023 4:04:08 AM
consulting: Hello my friend

i like to order 80cm silicone doll. Destination is germany. Becauses small dolls are illegal, do you ship to EU Warehouse first so i dont have to do with any customs problems? Or do you even ship to germany?

Thanks! :)
  2/28/2023 7:36:26 PM Administrator Reply:
We can ship to Germany no problem
Rev Matugas consulting Time:2/19/2023 7:35:02 PM
Shipping Inquiry
consulting: Can you estimate shipping to Philippines?
  2/24/2023 5:56:39 AM Administrator Reply:
yes ,Thank you!
Connor consulting Time:11/23/2022 12:58:11 AM
consulting: Hey I have some questions regarding your toys!
  11/23/2022 8:33:09 PM Administrator Reply:
any questions?
john consulting 105cm-Angela Time:11/5/2022 3:08:58 PM
Angela price
consulting: What is the price of the Angela doll:
Nick Tiseo consulting Time:10/14/2022 10:15:52 PM
Head Purchase
consulting: Hi,

I was wondering if I could purchase the 162B head? If so, how much would that cost?

Thank You

Mirco consulting Time:9/29/2022 3:58:51 AM
consulting: Hello, do you still ship dolls (75cm) to germany? How long does shipping normally take to germany?

Tibor Gabor consulting 65 Chloe Time:9/22/2022 12:18:47 PM
How much please
consulting: How much  are the jm dolls, 65 Chloe?
  9/28/2022 2:16:02 AM Administrator Reply:
John Watterson consulting Time:8/18/2022 4:10:10 PM
consulting: Hello Mr. John, please advise me how to correct the damage to my lady. I bought her from you December 2021 it is now August 2022. I do not know why such damage occurred in only eight months. The door was not miss treated, she was bought for photograph only. But her damage is extensive. Please advise me how I can repair my Lily. Thank you so much for helping me I have photos of the damages. So much damage!
nejc consulting Time:8/17/2022 8:26:46 AM
consulting: Where do I see the prices?
  8/17/2022 7:12:49 PM Administrator Reply:
Dan consulting 65 Chloe Time:6/6/2022 4:41:55 AM
consulting: What is cost
Paul Howell consulting Time:5/26/2022 6:18:29 PM
shipping eta
consulting: How long does it take for delivery to the United States?
  5/28/2022 7:41:50 PM Administrator Reply:
about 8 days,
Hunter Aust consulting 75 Angel B Time:3/25/2022 6:57:41 PM
consulting: How much for the doll
Emmanuel consulting 75 Angel A Time:3/8/2022 11:08:32 PM
75 Angel A
consulting: 75 Angel A
Herwin consulting 117 Rose Time:2/3/2022 12:49:35 PM
sexdoll 117 rose
consulting: guatemala
  2/13/2022 9:46:59 PM Administrator Reply:
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