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Elf doll in 80CM has been fully upgraded from soft skeleton to hard one.
AddTime:2023-12-06 10:25:17

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Elf doll in 80CM is built with lively, cartoon-style and cute face appearance, made of soft and medical-grade silicone. With our special molding technology, its boobs are even softer than other body parts. This is also our latest technology exclusively developed by JMdoll. Since its launching in the market, this doll has been well received among buyers. It features small volume, convenient for collection and portable even in a business trip. Besides, it can also be used as model for photographers. All these make it a real toy for all adults.

In the past few years, the elf doll also met many problems. For example, many clients gave feedbacks that the doll was too soft, hard to pose and no skeleton at the waist. So we have fully upgraded it after intensive and in-depth research. Today, the elf doll can stand up.must against the sofa or against the wall. While keeping the previous advantages of lifelike one-piece private part, the upgraded elf doll is built with hard skeleton. It can be free posed as you like, making it a perfect doll either for sex or for photography! JMdoll has a special material preparation lab to ensure its leading technology in material research. We   will try our best to improve and do the best all the time.